As with many of life’s little surprises, a bastard was conceived in a musician’s basement in early 2014. They named it Stubborn Clyde.

The Columbus, Ohio alternative outfit consisting of two pairs of longtime friends, lead guitarist Marc Brooks and bassist Danny Sweatpants and also vocalist/guitarist Nick Pribonic and Drummer Chris Coffman- are kicking into high gear on new material and have lined up a studio to record their first EP.

The groups musical background ranges from many different genres including rockabilly and folk all the way up to death metal. With that kind of background, unique and fun music is bound to be written and they are eager to share it with the multiverse.

The members of Stubborn Clyde are thrilled to have found counterparts that enrich each others specific talents while breathing new life into new and electric frontiers. Whenever a fresh idea is brought to the table, the group comes together simultaneously to collaborate a piece of work that everyone gets excited about. If you forget to bring your goosebumps to their next show, they will help you create new ones.

Special thanks to Don Argento for Recording and Mixing our EP!